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Re: How to hide Gnus email headers?

From: Edward O'Connor
Subject: Re: How to hide Gnus email headers?
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 11:51:44 -0500
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> In my .gnus file I have:
>     ;; The headers that are shown for messages or news-articles.
>     (setq gnus-visible-headers '("^From:" "^Date:" "^Subject:" "^To:" "^Cc:"
>       "^Followup-To:" "^Reply-To:" "^Newsgroups:"))
>     ;; The order of headers shown in article buffers.
>     (setq gnus-sorted-header-list '("^Date:" "^From:" "^Reply-To:"
>                                     "^Followup-To:" "^Subject:"
>                                     "^To:" "^Cc:" "^Newsgroups:"))

Why not just this?

(setq gnus-sorted-header-list '("^Date:" "^From:" "^Reply-To:"
                                "^Followup-To:" "^Subject:"
                                "^To:" "^Cc:" "^Newsgroups:"))
(setq gnus-visible-headers gnus-sorted-header-list)


Edward O'Connor

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