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Re: PSGML questions

From: Peter Westlake
Subject: Re: PSGML questions
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 19:19:23 +0100
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Kevin Rodgers <address@hidden> writes:

> Peter Westlake wrote:
>> I am trying to use PSGML 1.3.1 with Emacs 21.3, and there is a
>> conflict between PSGML and sgml-mode.el, because they both define
>> sgml-mode.
>> Alternatively, I could rename everything in PSGML (to psgml-mode,
>> etc).
> This is a long-standing problem:

I tried your cunning method of transforming the symbols internally
after loading, and it almost worked; most of the time the parsing
would succeed, but the buffer was never fontified and the Markup
menu functions did not work properly. At least they were defined
- most of the time - but Insert Element offered to insert any old
element, and Add Element To Element offered to but never actually
altered the text.

Once or twice I got an error about sgml-add-element-menu being void,
just as I had in my edited version. This really does seem to be a
problem with the original code. I would quite like to carry on and
get the revised version working, as it seems like a useful thing to
do, but I'll need some help debugging it.

Once it works (if it ever does) I have another change to the mode,
which allows local caching of system ids, as described here:

As well as a catalog having entries like

  PUBLIC publicid filename

it can have ones like:

  SYSTEM systemid filename

which uses a local copy of the DTD. This is useful because all
my documents have a system id but not a public id.


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