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Re: Book writing mode?

From: gebser
Subject: Re: Book writing mode?
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 12:35:36 -0400 (EDT)

I'm sure that latex is very nice, but if you want to get published, you
should submit manuscripts in a format which the agent or editor desires.  
For electronic submissions this is generally Word (.doc) format or plain
text (ASCII).  If you're submitting only hardcopy, then this matters
much less.  If you don't care about being published, then you can use 
whatever you want.  :)

At 15:36 (UTC-0000) on Wed, 26 May 2004 Michael Slass said:

= address@hidden writes:
= >Is there any more then me out there who write articles, books or longer
= >storys and uses Emacs? If so what mode do you use for easy editing and
= >do write your text using HTML, DocBook etc or so for easy publishing?
= >
= >/juman
= >
= >
= If you're going to make a habit/career of writing documents for
= publication, and you like emacs for your text editing, I would
= recommend that you learn to use LaTeX, a document preparation system.
= LaTeX uses embedded commmands somewhat analogous to HTML tags that
= tell the program about the content of your document so it can
= determine appropriate formatting.
= There is a wealth of information on the web about LaTeX, but I would
= go buy a copy of the canonical work on the subject:
= Lamport, Leslie, _LaTeX: A Document Preparation System, 2/E_.
= ISBN: 0-201-52983-1
= Also, there is an excellent mode for working with LaTeX documents from
= within emacs, called auctex, available here:

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