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pbs using Emacs with Tarantella

From: Drew Adams
Subject: pbs using Emacs with Tarantella
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 09:36:51 -0700

I use Tarantella to access a Solaris box from my Windows machine. I use
Emacs 20, running on the Solaris box. I have two problems trying to use
Emacs with Tarantella:

1. I use a standalone minibuffer frame (that is, a separate frame that is
the only frame to have a minibuffer). When I try to use incremental search,
as soon as I hit C-s, the focus switches to the minibuffer frame, making
searching impossible. The focus switches for everything, not just minibuffer
input of the search string - the search is attempted in the minibuffer etc.

Similarly, when I try to use find-file, the focus switches to the minibuffer
frame. It tries to read the file into the minibuffer frame (and naturally
complains "Cannot switch buffers in minibuffer window").

Similarly, when I yank text into a buffer, the focus is switched to the
minibuffer frame after the yank.

2. I use function x-display-pixel-height to determine proper frame size and
positioning. It picks up the display values of the Solaris box, not my local
display. Is there a way to get the latter values?

Any ideas on resolving these problems? I realize these might be Tarantella
questions, rather than Emacs questions, but if anyone has a suggestion I
would appreciate it.



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