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Re: Book writing mode?

From: Peter Milliken
Subject: Re: Book writing mode?
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 07:56:55 +1000

Last time I looked publishers accepted Latex format - it was around before
Word and it was created to be used by publishers and the publishing of
books - something that is still not that wonderful an experience to do in
Word - the number of times I have lost work because of a Word crash......
Emacs doesn't crash and Latex does what you tell it without complaining like
Microsoft Word.

Writing with Word is like a continual battle (technical documents at least -
if you want to write a novel then I am sure it would be OK) between you and
the bugs that seem to be perpetuated from one version of Word to the next -
I guess they (the programmers) are striving for backward compatibility i.e.
the same tried and true bugs are in each version :-).


<address@hidden> wrote in message
> I'm sure that latex is very nice, but if you want to get published, you
> should submit manuscripts in a format which the agent or editor desires.
> For electronic submissions this is generally Word (.doc) format or plain
> text (ASCII).  If you're submitting only hardcopy, then this matters
> much less.  If you don't care about being published, then you can use
> whatever you want.  :)
> At 15:36 (UTC-0000) on Wed, 26 May 2004 Michael Slass said:
> = address@hidden writes:
> =
> = >Is there any more then me out there who write articles, books or longer
> = >storys and uses Emacs? If so what mode do you use for easy editing and
> = >do write your text using HTML, DocBook etc or so for easy publishing?
> = >
> = >/juman
> = >
> = >
> =
> = If you're going to make a habit/career of writing documents for
> = publication, and you like emacs for your text editing, I would
> = recommend that you learn to use LaTeX, a document preparation system.
> =
> = LaTeX uses embedded commmands somewhat analogous to HTML tags that
> = tell the program about the content of your document so it can
> = determine appropriate formatting.
> =
> = There is a wealth of information on the web about LaTeX, but I would
> = go buy a copy of the canonical work on the subject:
> = Lamport, Leslie, _LaTeX: A Document Preparation System, 2/E_.
> = ISBN: 0-201-52983-1
> =
> = Also, there is an excellent mode for working with LaTeX documents from
> = within emacs, called auctex, available here:
> =
> =

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