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Re: is easy to get hung in infinite ^G stream; how to stop it?

From: Kai Grossjohann
Subject: Re: is easy to get hung in infinite ^G stream; how to stop it?
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 10:22:50 +0200
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address@hidden (David Combs) writes:

> And Kai wants me to use eshell -- but I'm used to csh/tcsh, and
> *really, really* don't want to get into bash, and am not sure just
> what I must do to my .cshrc to adjust it for eshell, and the
> info-doc that comes with eshell seems *really* lacking in anything
> useful as far as how to actually *use* the thing (esp for a
> csh-user), ...

Yes, eshell definitely needs more documentation.

But simple usage should be, well, simple.  For instance, to find a
word in a file, type

    grep word file.txt

at the shell prompt, just like you would with another shell.

The result will be quite different, though ;-)  That is the beauty
about eshell...

> (using vi as the example to get the ^G^G... stuff is only showing an
> easy way to get into the situation -- of course, that's not what I
> actually do, when I *inadvertently* trigger it -- actually, I have
> little idea of what I did to cause it -- can't even do a "C-h l" at
> that time, to see what I've recently entered as keystrokes.)

Hm.  If C-c C-c (which is like Ctrl-C in a "normal" shell) doesn't
stop the program, then perhaps C-c C-z (which is like Ctrl-Z in a
"normal" shell) can interrupt it.  After C-c C-z, you can use the
usual "kill %1" thing to kill the process.

Does this help?


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