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Displaying UTF-8 chars in NTEmacs

From: Eric Pement
Subject: Displaying UTF-8 chars in NTEmacs
Date: 28 May 2004 14:33:42 -0700

I'm having trouble getting UTF-8 characters to display when Emacs
loads an XML file. I'm using TEI-Emacs (TEI = Text Encoding
Initiative), Windows 2000 Pro o.s., GNU Emacs version,

When I use unmodified Emacs ("\path\to\emacs.exe -q") which loads no
init files at all, I can see the following UTF-8 characters in the
Courier New fontset, with the -u in the status-bar at the bottom:

   em dash, en dash, left/right single curly quotes, ellipsis,
   left/right double curly quotes.
When I use TEI Emacs ("\path\to\runemacs.exe"), which loads all of its
init files, I can see only a few UTF-8 characters ON FIRST LOAD, with
the -u in the status bar at the bottom:

   ellipsis, left/right double curly quotes.

All the other characters appear as boxes. BUT, if I click on "UniChar"
in the menubar at the top, I can insert those characters and they look
normal. The same character does not display as a box. I have done my
best to get the display working properly, and have tried to check for
problems in the init files, but to no avail. Can anyone explain what's

If you need to see my .emacs or anything, just ask.

Eric Pement

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