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keybinding not working

From: Charles Harrison Caudill
Subject: keybinding not working
Date: 1 Jul 2004 04:29:21 GMT
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I have a keybinding in my .emacs file to toggle a fold when I'm on one for 
use with folding mode.  When I use folding mode in conjunction with matlab
mode, something seems to clobber that keybinding.  When I explicitly run
M-x global-set-key C-M-a folding-toggle-show-hide it *still* doesn't work.

Thanks in advance guys!

>From .emacs:

;; Folding Mode
(global-set-key "\C-\M-a" 'folding-toggle-show-hide)

Harrison Caudill                        |  .^
Computer Science & Physics Double Major |  | Me*Me=1
Georgia Institute of Technology         | v'         I'm just a normal guy

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