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Re: XML, nsgmls, and emacs

From: Satya Mishra
Subject: Re: XML, nsgmls, and emacs
Date: 02 Jul 2004 14:42:56 -0600
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>>>>> "keeling" == s keeling <address@hidden> writes:

    keeling> Buenos dias.  I've just got into XML recently.  I've a
    keeling> short list of problems I'm running into.

    keeling> I've managed to get validation working but I appear to
    keeling> need some tweaks to my setup for it to work correctly.
    keeling> When I do "C-c C-v" it comes up with:

    keeling>    sgmls -s file.xml

    keeling> which fails.  I change that to:

    keeling>    nsgmls -s /usr/share/sgml/declaration/xml.dcl file.xml

    keeling> and it works.  How do I tell emacs to do that
    keeling> automatically?  What do I need in my .emacs?

    keeling> Secondly, I've been trying to get conversions out of
    keeling> xml2, but it doesn't give me anything that looks like
    keeling> valid html.  The output looks like a dump of absolute
    keeling> filenames instead of html tagged source.  Where's a good
    keeling> reference/documentation for xml2?

    keeling> This is in Debian Woody/stable, emacs20.  Thanks.

    keeling> -- Any technology distinguishable from magic is
    keeling> insufficiently advanced.  (*)
    keeling> - - Spammers!


You need to set sgml-validate-command
(setq sgml-validate-command "nsgmls -s
should do it.

No idea on xml2


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