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Re: Tab completion in eshell

From: Thomas Piekarski
Subject: Re: Tab completion in eshell
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 16:20:58 +0200
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On Friday, the  2. July 2004 [UTC: 1088721527]
address@hidden (Simon Strobl) writes on
> I think tab completion in eshell is not very practical: Suppose you
> have two files, say
> test.html
> test2.html
> and you type 
> rm teTAB
> then eshell completes to 'test2.html', instead of completing to
> 'test' and displaying the possibilities. Because of this behaviour I
> have already deleted a lot of files that I didn't want to delete.


do you ever have tried to press TAB a second time, because if the
amount of possible completitions is less than IMHO 5, the TAB cicles
through the possible completitions? The idea for this feature comes
from the tsh, if I configured eshell I used the customize, so I can
not give you the exact symbol. In the group >Application< you will
find the subgroup >The emacs shell<.

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