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Re: search and replace

From: Ole Laursen
Subject: Re: search and replace
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2004 17:51:46 +0200
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David Rasmussen <address@hidden> writes:


> Hmm. I had a file containing something like:
> \ncline[linewidth=0.3mm,offset=-1.5mm,arrows=->,nodesep=4mm]{a}{b}
> \ncline[linewidth=0.3mm,offset=-1.5mm,arrows=->,nodesep=4mm]{b}{c}
> \ncline[linewidth=0.3mm,offset=-1.5mm,arrows=->,nodesep=4mm]{c}{d}
> \ncline[linewidth=0.3mm,offset=-1.5mm,arrows=->,nodesep=4mm]{d}{e}
> \ncline[linewidth=0.3mm,offset=-1.5mm,arrows=->,nodesep=4mm]{e}{f}
> \ncline[linewidth=0.3mm,offset=-1.5mm,arrows=->,nodesep=4mm]{f}{g}
> And I did M-% to replace
> \ncline[linewidth=0.3mm,offset=-1.5mm,arrows=->,nodesep=4mm]
> with
> \traverse
> The cursor was before any of these line (and even if not, the search
> wraps around anyway, doesn't it?). It just said "0 occurences
> replaced".

No, it never wraps around.

> I don't understand why... I had to use another editor to perform the
> replace :(

I tried those lines too, and it still works as expected. Someone
strange must have happened.

Ole Laursen

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