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Re: What's the state of the art for mail?

From: martin
Subject: Re: What's the state of the art for mail?
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 15:13:09 +0200
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"g" == gebser  <address@hidden> writes:
 g> Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 07:08:28 -0400
 g> Cc: GNU Emacs List <address@hidden>
 g> At 16:28 (UTC+0200) on Mon, 14 Jun 2004 address@hidden said:
 g> = ....
 g> =  JF> 
 g> =  JF> Switching from nn to Gnus improved my quality of life greatly.
 g> =  JF> However, I consider it a serious defect that it does not allow one to
 g> =  JF> examine mail (at least the sender & subject) before downloading it.
 g> = 
 g> = hi,
 g> = 
 g> = there is imap support by the nnimap backend.
 g> And nnimap is used by gnus?

yes, you may browse the gnus info pages (type "C-h i m gnus") and the
news group gnu.emacs.gnus for details.

imap is the mail protocol, which allows by default just what you want,
i.e. viewing sender & subject in your mail folders on the mail server
without donloading the mail body.


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 g> = ...
martin dot fischer at boschrexroth dot de

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