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Re: Enhanced Carbon TeX-run-LateX

From: Tim McNamara
Subject: Re: Enhanced Carbon TeX-run-LateX
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 21:31:15 -0500
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Tom Dye <address@hidden> writes:

> Aloha emacs masters,
> I'm setting up the Enhanced Carbon emacs on several new iMacs,
> mostly to run LaTeX.  When I run the TeX-run-Latex function, tcsh
> claims it can't find latex.  I use the bash shell for all the user
> accounts, and a "which latex" command finds the latex binary just
> fine.  From the bash prompt I launched tcsh, and a "which latex"
> there found the latex binary, too, which leads me to believe that
> tcsh can see the latex binary (unless it was retrieving this info
> through bash?)
> How can I solve this problem?  Do I have to install a .cshrc file to
> direct tcsh to the latex binary?  Or, is there an easy way to have
> emacs send the latex command to the bash shell instead?

Can you modify the command that is sent to be the full/path/to/LaTeX?
That ought to solve the problem, I'd think.  ISTR reading that the
Enhanced Carbon Emacs expects absolute pathnames, and your install of
LaTeX may not be where it is expected.  You ought to be able to
modify the e-LISP function TeX-run-LaTeX, I'd think.

I use Emacs on my aged iMac Rev B, but under X11 rather than using one
of the Carbon based builds due to disk space problems (a 4 GB hard
drive...).  Some of the Carbon builds are pretty slick and do a good
job of appearing OS X-native while retaining normal Emac functionality
and keybindings.  Thanks to Mr. Choi!

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