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calendar fun (MS XP)

From: gebser
Subject: calendar fun (MS XP)
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 13:25:26 -0400 (EDT)

Hey, emacs gurus,

I'm using emacs v.21.3.1 on Window$ XP.

When emacs loads I would like it to display the standard three-month 
calendar in a smaller window at the bottom.  So I put;


in my .emacs.  Works great.  So far, so good.

I would also like the calendar to mark today.  I used "Customize" to set 
this, it put:

'(today-visible-calendar-hook (quote (calendar-mark-today))))

in my .emacs and it worked the first time.  Since then, when I load
emacs, it doesn't, i.e., the calendar is still displayed but today is
not underlined.

I'd also like the entries in my diary file (including the holidays which
appear when I do "M-x diary") to be highlighted.  I tried to do this via
Customize, Customize put:

'(initial-calendar-window-hook (quote (mark-diary-entries)))

in my .emacs, but no days are highlighted.  If, however, I put the mark
at the end of the above line and do "C-x C-e", then put the mark on the
second-to-last closed paren and do "C-x C-e", the diary entries are
highlighted, but not the holidays.

Because I really don't learn very much when I use Customize and because 
I've not found it to be reliable, I'd rather put elisp code into my 
.emacs.  Does someone know the code I'd need to do what I've described 
above?  I.e.:

Upon loading emacs display calendar with diary entries and diary's
holidays highlighted and today underlined.


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