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Re: òåõíîëîãèÿ îöåí êè è ïîäáîðà ïåðñîí àëà

From: Edward Casey
Subject: Re: òåõíîëîãèÿ îöåí êè è ïîäáîðà ïåðñîí àëà
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 01:03:23 -0500

The subject line appears correctly after clicking on the posting but is
garbled on the main screen. This comment on  what seems to be Russian spam
may appear to be off topic but all my troubles with gnu emacs  are font
related (or char-set encoding), so anything I can learn about the topic
may help. How can I read 'technologia otsyenki i potbora personala" in
Cyrillic in Outlook's main screen of postings? If the
poster used Cyrillic windows encoding, is there any way I can read the
subject using UTF-8 either in Outlook or gnus?



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