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Re: OS X (or other OS's): how to get a fully-qualified domain name?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: OS X (or other OS's): how to get a fully-qualified domain name?
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 18:06:02 GMT
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>> > All I really want it for is generating message-IDs, which need
>> > to be globally unique. Right now generating message-IDs uses
>> > system-name by default, but system-name doesn't include the domain
>> > name and is thus not globally unique.
>> Than how about setting system-name to something unique?

> I think that's what I'm stuck with, and I can readily use the unique hostname
> of my laptop when it's plugged into my campus network. The most common
> message-IDs I see, however, use the place from where the message was sent,
> so I was hoping to do that. No easy answers on doing so, though, so I'll
> fall back to using my hostname from work.

The Message-ID can use anything you want, so long as it obeys similar
constraints to the ones applied to host names.
I'd guess that address@hidden plus some time-dependent string is
sufficient for uniqueness since noone else will use address@hidden even
on some other machine.

I personally use address@hidden in my Message-ID (plus some stuff to keep
track of newsgroup&folder where I sent things from, to help me file replies)
even though I never send email from a gnu machine.


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