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isearch-forward-regexp across lines in various modes

From: Thomas Meyer
Subject: isearch-forward-regexp across lines in various modes
Date: 29 Jul 2004 03:37:22 -0700

Hello all you emacs-Gurus,

the emacs Info file, chapter
"Regular Expression Search" states:

   "If you type <SPC> in incremental
   regexp search, it matches any
   sequence of whitespace characters,
   including newlines.  If you want to
   match just a space, type `C-q

I can see this behaviour when in
text-mode, but not in e.g. lisp-mode or

Take this text for example

sample text consisting of a line
and another line

... then isearch-forward-regexp will
search across the line when I enter
"line and" only when in text, mode not
when in lisp-mode (being the default for
the initial *scratch* buffer)

Any input greatly appreciated

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