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Re: Making Emacs more newbie friendly

From: Brian Elmegaard
Subject: Re: Making Emacs more newbie friendly
Date: 20 Mar 2005 13:52:57 +0100
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David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:

> For example, I can't remember anybody ever touting using Eclipse as a
> development platform for LaTeX, and that is one of the most important
> applications of Emacs for me.

There are some very simple plugins for eclipse, but winedt would be
the main competitor in the windows world for latex. 

I think the situation for people who could see the idea behind emacs
is that they have a need for an editor for either a programming
language or latex. But to me it was just too crunchy a bite to start
out on both latex and emacs in one go. So I wasted years working with
winedt for latex (and configuring it for metapost) and programmers
file editor for fortran.

If emacs had looked a little more like what I knew then (notepad and
word perfect) I could have chewed it. My experience says that this is
what other windows people who should start programming or latexing
also could benefit from. 

A look and feel like winedt or eclipse but with the possibility for
the conventional emacs look and access to all the emacs modes and
features would be close to a perfect world for me. 

I have no idea what it would take of programming efforts, but as long
the horisontal scroll is not available, I am speaking about a project
of eons.

Brian (remove the sport for mail)

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