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Re: sharing list structure

From: rgb
Subject: Re: sharing list structure
Date: 24 Mar 2005 21:44:42 -0800
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> The data structure that I think ought to be capable of handling all
> this would be a list B that contains
>  ((title1, H1, F1), (title2, H2, F2), ..., (titlen, Hn, Fn))

Well I'm not sure now if you're re-explaining the problem for my
benefit or showing me you've found the answer.  Because the above
(with commas removed) seems to be a perfectly useable answer.

(setq all-my-lists
  '((key1 (h1a h1b h1c ...) (f1a f1b f1c ...))
    (key2 (h2a h2b h2c ...) (f2a f2b f2c ...))

It should't be too hard to write some functions that mannage a
set of nested lists such as that in whatever way is convenient to
your application.

For example:

(setq all '((a (h1 h2 h3)(f1 f2 f3))       ;test data
            (b (ha hb hc)(fa fb fc))))

(defun get^h (key index)
  "get h[index] value within KEY list"
  (nth index (cadr (assoc key all))))

(get^h 'b 2)

(defun delete^h (key index)
  "remove h[index] value from KEY list."
  (if (< 0 index)
      ;; the car of the list is not affected so just change the list
      ;; I used (nth 1 ...) rather than (cadr ...) so it's more obvious
      ;; how this could have a 3rd argument and not just access h.
      (setcdr (nthcdr (1- index) (nth 1 (assoc key all)))
              (nthcdr (1+ index) (nth 1 (assoc key all))))
    ;; when the car changes the outer list holding it must change
    (setcar (cdr (assoc key all))
            (nthcdr 1 (cadr (assoc key all))))))

(get^h 'a 1)
(delete^h 'a 1)
(get^h 'a 1)

(defun insert^h (key index value)
  "insert a new h value at h[index] value from KEY list."
  (if (< 0 index)
      (setcdr (nthcdr (1- index) (nth 1 (assoc key all)))
              (cons value (nthcdr index (nth 1 (assoc key all)))))
    (setcar (nthcdr 1 (assoc key all))
            (cons value (nthcdr index (nth 1 (assoc key all)))))))

(insert^h 'a 1 'h4)
(get^h 'a 1)
(get^h 'a 2)

Replace is more of the same...

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