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Re: I prefer horizontal split of windows

From: rgb
Subject: Re: I prefer horizontal split of windows
Date: 25 Nov 2005 18:12:37 -0800
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> when emacs displays 'extra' information, i.e. the results from M-x
> apropos it splits the frame in two windows vertically. Now, I
> generally prefer vertical splits, and would like this to be the
> default.

I'd say switch-to-buffer-other-window is a likely spot for advise.
But a bug report might do better in the long run.
That calls pop-to-buffer which hard codes nil in it's call to

Fdisplay_buffer (buf, other_window, Qnil)

This could easily pass a customizable boolean variable.
Since I have several cinema style monitors I would definitely
be flipping that toggle were it available.

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