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Re: Printing from WindowXP version of emacs

Subject: Re: Printing from WindowXP version of emacs
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 11:19:10 +0100


> That sure does not look right. Here's how you can test it, from the
> Windows command line:
>  net view \\host-name

Works ok. Though the name "1234567890" is in the list (a very long list BTW).

>  print /D:\\host-name\1234567890 file.txt

Does not work. I believe the reason is that the printer is not in the state 
required by this command (as I explained in other messages).

> Save the above as getPrn2.vbs, and run
>  cscript getPrn2.vbs

There are several problems with this code. All printers are not networked for 
example. I am using W2k, not XP however.

> If the output from this script does not `net view`, nor `print`, then
> some sys admin is in order, because it tested fine for me.

I do not think any sys admin is in order here - there is nothing I can do about 
that. The printers works ok, but not in this way.

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