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Re: gnuserve switches to the old Emacs window but does not open the file

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: gnuserve switches to the old Emacs window but does not open the file
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 00:45:39 +0200
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Bernhard Koenig wrote:
You're right, I downloaded Emacs-22 CvsP060608-EmacsW32-1.03.exe but note that on the link reads Emacs-22-CvsP060314-EmacsW32-1.00.exe.
Hm. I will try to do something about that ... - I just don't want to change all the dates every time I upload a new version.

Previously, I still had gnuserv in my .emacs file. Now I removed gnuserve from .emacs and if I type "gnuclientw filename.txt" then emacs opens but does not load any file (now even if it's the
first file to open).
Could you please try the tests below?

Try the command file emacs.cmd that is written at the installation to the EmacsW32 subdirectory. To open a file you can do

   emacs.cmd filename.txt

Try also the Send To shortcut in Windows Explorer. There should be an Emacs entry now.

Try the above two tests first with Emacs not started and then with Emacs already started. Start Emacs from the Quick Launch icon then.

Starting emacs (in whichever way) now almost immediately leads to the following message: "Started Emacs and tried to connect during 60 seconds. Connection still fails. Are you sure gnuserve.exe
is started by Emacs? WSAGetLastError=10061."
This means there was a timeout when gnuclient waited for gnuserv. The most likely reason is that it took long time to start Emacs. Do you have a gnuserv process in Emacs? Inside Emacs do

   M-x list-processes

The output should look something like (possibly scrambled a bit by mail):

Proc Status Buffer Command ---- ------ ------ ------- server run (none) c:/Program Files/Emacs/EmacsW32/bin/gnuserv.exe

Maybe there is a problem with my setup, but I simply used the install wizard until finish (and I'm really working with the new version now). Is there anything I might have forgotten in the setup?
The setup should be fine then if you do not have something else in your setup that clashes with gnuserv. You could of course try renaming .emacs temporarily and restart Emacs to test that.

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