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Re: M-x is undefined

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: M-x is undefined
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 20:23:28 +1000
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"l l" <> writes:

> There is no problem in config.log,i guess this isn't configuration
> level problem.
> AISB, my GUI is just too latest,also guess emacs GUI developer doesn't
> consider gtk or glib newer features api level, my crappy guessing..
> tia
> 2006/6/11, Tim X <>:
>> "l l" <> writes:
>> > OOPS! Sorry!! this is NOT a emacs bug!!
>> >
>> > my emacs-cvs version works fine with --without-x!!!
>> > I guess my gnome version(garnome- or Xorg(7.0 which is too buggy)
>> is
>> > too latest!!
>> >
>> > Thanks it works again! Yay!
>> >
>> It may not be a bug, but a config issue. Have a look in the emacs
>> PROBLEMS file as it discusses how to configure X so that alt is
>> recognised as meta.
>> Tim
>> --
>> tcross (at) rapttech dot com dot au
>> _______________________________________________
>> help-gnu-emacs mailing list

Actually, I was referring to either the X windows configuration of
keymaps or how emacs has been configured. It is not unknown for Linux
distributions to modify emacs to enable the alt key to work as meta.
Also, some window managers can "hide" keys from applications by
mapping them to some special winow manager function.

The following is from the Emacs PROBLEMS file and is the best first
place to look when you notice unexpected behavior (together with the
NEWS file) when running a new emacs version. 

*** GNU/Linux: After upgrading to a newer version of Emacs,
the Meta key stops working.

This was reported to happen on a GNU/Linux system distributed by
Mandrake.  The reason is that the previous version of Emacs was
modified by Mandrake to make the Alt key act as the Meta key, on a
keyboard where the Windows key is the one which produces the Meta
modifier.  A user who started using a newer version of Emacs, which
was not hacked by Mandrake, expected the Alt key to continue to act as
Meta, and was astonished when that didn't happen.

The solution is to find out what key on your keyboard produces the Meta
modifier, and use that key instead.  Try all of the keys to the left
and to the right of the space bar, together with the `x' key, and see
which combination produces "M-x" in the echo area.  You can also use
the `xmodmap' utility to show all the keys which produce a Meta

         xmodmap -pk | egrep -i "meta|alt"

A more convenient way of finding out which keys produce a Meta modifier
is to use the `xkbprint' utility, if it's available on your system:

         xkbprint 0:0 /tmp/

This produces a PostScript file `/tmp/' with a picture of your
keyboard; printing that file on a PostScript printer will show what
keys can serve as Meta.

The `xkeycaps' also shows a visual representation of the current
keyboard settings.  It also allows to modify them.

tcross (at) rapttech dot com dot au

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