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Re: Help: I need to use beginning-of-defun

From: Andreas Roehler
Subject: Re: Help: I need to use beginning-of-defun
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 11:29:32 +0200
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Bruce Korb wrote:

> My new Fedora platform's X environment eats C-A-a, so I need
> another
> binding.  I can manually type:
>   A-x global-set-key<enter>
>   <<three keys held: C-s-a>> beginning-of-defun<enter>
> every time I start emacs, but that is not any fun.
> Nor is <escape>-<release>-'a'<release>.  Escape is way
> too far from the home keys.
> I can put:
>    (global-set-key [C-s-a]     'beginning-of-defun)
> in my .emacs file, and the binding shows up as:
>    C-s-a        beginning-of-defun
> Unfortunately, that is not recognized.  I need this:
>    <C-s-a>        beginning-of-defun
> in the table.  And, if there is any comprehensible
> documentation of how to spell these things existing
> anywhere, I am not able to locate it.
> If there is anybody with any emacs development ability
> out there reading this, is there any way possible to
> have some function say, ``insert-key-name'' that will
> take my ``<<three keys held: C-s-a>>'' and insert
> whatever magic spelling it takes to be able to create
> a valid:
>   (global-set-key <<GOBBELDY_GOOK_GOES_HERE>> `somefunction)
> PLEASE? please please?  It feels like every time my platform
> wiggles, I wind up spending hours and hours and hours just
> trying to figure out how to bind standard functions to standard
> keys because some standard key gets hosed.  *sigh*.  Thank you.
>  :(
> Regards, Bruce

Here runs this:

(define-key emacs-lisp-mode-map (kbd "C-s-a") 'beginning-of-defun)

See also:

Andreas Roehler

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