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Can't use tooltip of dictionary package in Emacs 23

From: Chiyuan Zhang
Subject: Can't use tooltip of dictionary package in Emacs 23
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 16:02:26 +0800

hello! I'm using cvs emacs-unicode-2, I have my own dictd installed
and I use dictionary package to connect to it. There is a tooltip
utility of dictionary: when you point to a word with your mouse for a
moment, a tooltip is displayed to show the meaning of the word. My
configure is

,----------[ dictionary config ]
| (setq dictionary-tooltip-dictionary "wn")
| (require 'dictionary)
| (global-dictionary-tooltip-mode t)

I tried emacs21 of Debian package, it works perfectly with the same
config file. I want to use the xft utility of Emacs 23 but will
anybody tell me what's wrong with the tooltip utility?

BTW: My Emacs 23 can show tooltip perfectly when I
invoke (tooltip-show "message") mannually , so I wonder is there
anything other than tooltip wrong? Is it the timer or sth. else?


                                        Chiyuan Zhang

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