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overlays inserted

From: Daniel Carvalho
Subject: overlays inserted
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 12:10:39 +0100

I wan't to display a message in the screen, that follows the mouse

I can track the mouse movement using the functions "track-mouse" and
"read-event". Then i would make an overlay to display the message at
that point.

(setq ov (make-overlay pos (+ pos 5)))
(overlay-put ov 'face cara)
(overlay-put ov 'before-string ">> <<")

then, i would use the function "move-overlay" to move the message.

The problem is that the value of the "before-string" property is
displayed as if INSERTED in the buffer text. The text after the point is
displayed shifted to the right. Is it possible to create an overlay the
OVERWRITES the text? (but without having to edit the buffer)


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