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Re: Search selected text

From: nico
Subject: Re: Search selected text
Date: 22 Jun 2006 01:28:59 -0700
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cursor at the beginning of the word,
C-s C-w C-s
works great

I will practice some of your other shortuts tonight :)

thanx david

David Kastrup a écrit :

> "nico" <> writes:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > sorry if it seems obvious but i really can t find (help or web) :/
> > is it possible to search the selected text in (x)emacs ?
> > thanx in advance
> Various ways.
> C-s runs the command isearch-forward
>    which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `isearch.el'.
> It is bound to C-s.
> (isearch-forward &optional REGEXP-P NO-RECURSIVE-EDIT)
> Do incremental search forward.
> With a prefix argument, do an incremental regular expression search instead.
> As you type characters, they add to the search string and are found.
> The following non-printing keys are bound in `isearch-mode-map'.
> Type DEL to cancel last input item from end of search string.
> Type RET to exit, leaving point at location found.
> Type LFD (C-j) to match end of line.
> Type C-s to search again forward, C-r to search again backward.
> Type C-w to yank next word or character in buffer
>   onto the end of the search string, and search for it.
> Type C-M-w to delete character from end of search string.
> Type C-M-y to yank char from buffer onto end of search string and search for 
> it.
> Type C-y to yank rest of line onto end of search string and search for it.
> Type M-y to yank last killed text onto end of search string and search for it.
> Type C-q to quote control character to search for it.
> C-g while searching or when search has failed cancels input back to what has
>  been found successfully.
> C-g when search is successful aborts and moves point to starting point.
> If you try to exit with the search string still empty, it invokes
>  nonincremental search.
> Type M-% to start `query-replace' with string to replace from last search 
> string.
> Type C-M-% to start `query-replace-regexp' with string to replace from last 
> search string.
> Type M-c to toggle search case-sensitivity.
> Type M-r to toggle regular-expression mode.
> Type M-e to edit the search string in the minibuffer.
> Also supported is a search ring of the previous 16 search strings.
> Type M-n to search for the next item in the search ring.
> Type M-p to search for the previous item in the search ring.
> Type M-TAB to complete the search string using the search ring.
> If an input method is turned on in the current buffer, that input
> method is also active while you are typing characters to search.  To
> toggle the input method, type C-\.  It
> also toggles the input method in the current buffer.
> To use a different input method for searching, type
> C-^, and specify an input method
> you want to use.
> The above keys, bound in `isearch-mode-map', are often controlled by
>  options; do M-x apropos on search-.* to find them.
> Other control and meta characters terminate the search
>  and are then executed normally (depending on `search-exit-option').
> Likewise for function keys and mouse button events.
> If this function is called non-interactively, it does not return to
> the calling function until the search is done.
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> -- 
> David Kastrup, Kriemhildstr. 15, 44793 Bochum

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