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Re: "more", "ls -l", and column 80 in shell

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: "more", "ls -l", and column 80 in shell
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 00:24:36 +0000 (UTC)

In article <>,
Tim X  <> wrote:

>Some basic rules of thumb and advice which I hope will help
>1. Don't try to use emacs as if it was equivalent to one of the
>   standard shells like bash, tcsh or (gasp) csh. While emacs provides

M-x shell
   (then, in *shell*):

Works *absolutely* fine -- ie the same as in a dtterm (no emacs).

(of course, no "more", etc, but grep, find, etc all work
      exactly as expected.  Likewise pushd, popd, dirs, etc.
    (Although from time to time it gets confused, at which
      point you simply do  M-x dirs )

>   various ways of doing interaction at this level, you are much
>   better off using equivalent emacs features when possible i.e.
>   dired, 
      of course (plus with dired-x, too).

M-x locate, M-x grep, M-x cd etc. 

About M-x grep, I find it very useful to use normal
   grep/egrep/etc, *with -n*, and on *at least 2 files*
    (eg if just one to be grepped, then append /dev/null to
      get to the 2-or-more-files -- so as to get file-names
      at the left of the grep-output)
   and then, if desired, hack that file to remove lines,
     add marks to certain lines, etc,
   and THEN do M-x grep, and change the offered args to
    "`cat mygrep.out`"

>2. When using one of emacs' shell interfaces, keep in mind that it is
>   often necessary to have some escape key sequence to either access
>   shell commands that conflict with normal emacs interpreted commands

I don't understand, so: Please expain, ie show examples where necessary.

>   or you need to use an escape sequence within the shell buffer to
                           HUH?  Explain?

>   access emacs commands. Also, note that some shell interfaces, like
>   M-x term have different operating modes - a line mode and a
>   terminal mode.



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