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Re: Tag based dired?

From: Xiao-Yong Jin
Subject: Re: Tag based dired?
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 08:16:11 -0400
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Mathias Dahl <> writes:

> Xiao-Yong Jin <> writes:
>> Hi all, I'm wondering if there is some kind of tag or label support in
>> dired.
>> Nowadays tagging or labeling is used widely on the Internet.  Blogs
>> and wikis has various tag support.  And gmail has its flexible
>> labeling support.  So does the f-spot.  I did some search on the web
>> and there is no file manager that really supports tags well.  
> It certainly is possible. Tumme, which is part of CVS Emacs (Emacs 22)
> has tagging capabilities. Tumme is used for browing image collections
> and supports commenting and tagging images. Actually, you should be
> able to use Tumme's tagging functionality to tag other types of files,
> as long as you do not try to use it to display these files. :)
> Tumme stores the comments and tags in a central "database" file. You
> can use the tags to find files and have them marked in dired.
> If you don't use CVS Emacs, download tumme.el from here:
> Install it and put this in your .emacs:
> (require 'tumme)
> In dired, do M-x tumme-tag-files. You will be prompted for a list of
> tags to add to the marked files. The tags will then be saved to the
> tumme database file. After having added files, tell Emacs to mark them
> using M-x tumme-mark-tagged-files.
> Again, Tumme is for image browsing, but you could always try and
> experiment with this to see how it works with other types of
> files. Tagging files in this way is a generic thing.
> Happy experimenting!

Amazing.  I've been using emacs-unicode-2 branch for a year and wasn't
aware of Tumme's existence until now.  Certainly it's a great step
beyond the thumbs.el.  :-)

Two more things,

1) I got this when I first use tumme-tag-files
   basic-save-buffer-2: /home/jin/.emacs.d/tumme/.tumme_db: no such directory
   It would be fine to add a simple test and create the directory

2) Is there a more visible way to see all the tags associated to the
   files in dired buffer?

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