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Re: file modified on opening

From: Mickey Ferguson
Subject: Re: file modified on opening
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 09:43:49 -0700

>I'm using a mmm-mode for HTML and PHP files (mixing html-helper-mode,
>php-mode, css-mode, etc.). When I open some files, they are marked as
>modifed ("**" in status bar), even if I just view them from Dired. Of
>course, the content isn't really modified.

Is there any chance that something that your .emacs is doing is causing
the butter to be modified?  One example I can think of is if you
automatically enter and exit picture-mode.  A buffer that has any
trailing spaces at the end of a line will then be modified by trimming
the trailing spaces.  Now this is only one possible example, but I would
comment out everything in your .emacs, and then add back in, piece by
piece, until you might find a cause that way.

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