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Re: font or face problem in emacs

From: H.S.
Subject: Re: font or face problem in emacs
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 19:34:39 -0400
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Peter Dyballa wrote:

Make the *compilation* buffer be encoded in UTF-8 or make your LANG or LC_CTYPE environment variables 8 bit -- could be there is some option in your g++ to stay in 8 bit when printing some message.

Yes, that is one method. But with all this talk of systems being utf-8 compatible and such these days, I was expecting that applications are getting better at this. If Emacs is not UTF-8 complaint, I would like to know for sure so that I can accomodate other applications I use. On the other hand, if Emacs is expected to recognize UTF-8, then there ought to be a way to make it do so by default. All I want to know is which way is it?

thanks for your explanations,

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