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Abbreviations and backslash

From: Hodei Usabiaga
Subject: Abbreviations and backslash
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 12:32:53 +0200

Hi everybody,

Is it possible to include a backslash in the abbreviation under emacs? e.g.
"\a" is replaced by "\alpha" 

I tried to introduce something like
(define-abbrev-table 'text-mode-abbrev-table '(
;abbreviations to long letters in the Greek alphabet
    ("\\a" "\\alpha" nil 0)
    ("\\b" "\\beta" nil 0)

in the abbreviation file, but the abbreviation doesn't work. It seems that
emacs do not accept any backslash character as an abbreviation. However, I
find those abbreviations very useful in order to write documents under

So, does anybody know how to include those kind of abbreviations in the
abbreviation list?

Note: the following lines were added in emacs file.  
(setq-default abbrev-mode t) 
;enable abbreviations
(setq save-abbrevs t)                                
;save abbreviations upon exiting emacs
(setq abbrev-file-name "~/abbreviations.el") 
;the file storing the abbreviations
(if (file-readable-p abbrev-file-name)                  
;read the abbreviations every
(read-abbrev-file abbrev-file-name)                   
;time emacs is started

The previous commands, the abbreviations commands included, seem to work
under Xemacs as shown in 

Help, will be very much appreciated.


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