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Re: Emacs not redisplaying

From: Daniel
Subject: Re: Emacs not redisplaying
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 18:08:32 +0100
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Henrik Jegbjerg Hansen wrote:

Daniel <> writes:
When I sit idly in Emacs (or use firefox, for example), and touch
nothing in Emacs -- messages in ERC and Jabber does not show up, and I
get no notifications of any kind, in the mode line or echo area, or
anything.  Only when I touch a key (e.g. C-f) in Emacs do they come, all
at once.
I'd like to hook myself in here, too, as I'm experiencing the same
symptoms with compilation-mode on Emacs (Linux, GTK). There
might be a relation to Henrik's problem.

Just to add: I use the same Emacs version,

Output actually seems to keep appearing for a few moments after the
key stroke.

And this is the same for me too.

For me, the culprit is cedet.

When investigating the thing a little more (in order to come up with a minimal reproduction set), I found that compilation output appears fluently until I load "cedet-1.0pre3/common/cedet.el".

Henrik, do you use cedet, too?

I found a message in the emacs-pretest-bug archives
( that suggests installing cedet from CVS. So I'll do just that.

If it does work afterward, do you think one should still file a bug report, as the solution would require a non-released cedet version?

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