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Re: Looking for a sneaky key binding

From: weber
Subject: Re: Looking for a sneaky key binding
Date: 4 Mar 2007 18:02:02 -0800
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On 4 mar, 22:09, Dan Bensen <address@hidden> wrote:
> After making a new command, I wanted to bind it to M-C-|.
> This form didn't work:
>    (global-set-key <name> 'my-command)
> where <name> was equal to
>    "\M-\C-|"
>    "\M-\C-\|"
>    "|\M-\C-\||"
> on separate attempts.  The error message was always
>    "Invalid modifier in string".
> So is there another trick somewhere that does this,
> or is it not supported?
> --

Yes, i had some problems too.. But with this syntax worked:

(global-set-key (kbd "M-C-\|") '(lambda() (interactive) (message

It's hard combo to type though: you have to hold Ctrl, Alt and
Shift! :)

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