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Re[2]: MIT-GNU Scheme

From: neverov_dg
Subject: Re[2]: MIT-GNU Scheme
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 16:16:20 +0700

>      You  may  need  to  edit  scheme-band-name  or xscheme-
> default-command-line in xscheme.el to  point  to  your  mit-
> scheme  directory  (from  the distribution), or install mit-
> scheme in \scheme\lib.

What value should I assign to these variables?

I tried to:

(setq xscheme-default-command-line "scheme --emacs --library 'c:/Program 
Files/MIT-GNU Scheme/lib'")

(setq scheme-band-name "c:/Program Files/MIT-GNU Scheme/lib")

but scheme finished with errors.

The shortcut for Edwin on my desktop have path:

"C:\Program Files\MIT-GNU Scheme\bin\scheme.exe" --library "C:\Program 
Files\MIT-GNU Scheme\lib" --compiler --edwin --heap 2000 --edit

and it's work...

>      xscheme.el worked out-of-the-box on Linux, by the way.

I will try it on my FreeBSD installation at home.

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