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Re: line number

From: Daniel
Subject: Re: line number
Date: 6 Mar 2007 13:51:11 -0800
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On Mar 4, 1:08 am, Thorsten Bonow <address@hidden>
> >>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel  <address@hidden> writes:
>     Daniel> However, the working is weird. I found the display-line-numer, 
> but,
>     Daniel> yes. it shows line number, but whenever I try to edit a source 
> code,
>     Daniel> the line number is disappeared. Is other way to keep the line 
> number
>     Daniel> showing?
> Sorry I garbled the link. Still in no-sleep mode. I found a lot more there,
> including a detailed discussion of the proposed solutions and their
> drawbacks. Have you given wb-line-numbers a shot?
> Toto
> --
> Contact information and PGP key 
> at
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> of the atomic reactors has been damaged. Measures are being taken
> to eliminate the consequences of the accident. Aid is being given
> to the victims. A government commission has been set up."
> Moscow Radio's first report of the accident, 28 April 1986

I tried to find out where wb-line-numbers.el is, but I couldn't. If
you know the site link, would you please let us know it?

Also, the line number things I posted was the first shot I saw. After
seeing the mechanism works of line number, I found out that it just
put line numbers in raw data. I thought the displaying line numbers
are separated work like notepad++ or other text editors in Windows OS.
So, well, :) For beginner like me and for people already get used to
Windows, emacs does not seem to be attractive, though. :p

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