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Re: Timezone change in US

From: Maarten Bergvelt
Subject: Re: Timezone change in US
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 16:58:12 +0000 (UTC)
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In article <address@hidden>, Chris McMahan wrote:
> Now that the US has shifted into Daylight Savings, I've discovered
> that emacs is still displaying DST in the modeline.
> My OS (Windows XP) has updated currectly. The shell from which I
> launch emacs (tcsh) has the correct time, and my TZ environement
> variable in the shell correctly reflects the new timezone
> (TZ=EST5EDT4,M3.2.0/2,M11.1.0/2)
> I've possibly tracked the problem to an incorrect value returned by
> the function current-time-zone, which is defined in the file
> editfns.c. It is returning a value of -18000 EST, but it should be
> -14400 EDT. This is defined in the file editfns.c
> Does anybody have a patch for this, or is there something simple and
> obvious I'm missing.

Does restarting emacs help?

Maarten Bergvelt                

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