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Re: Timezone change in US

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Timezone change in US
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 23:05:02 +0200

> From: Chris McMahan <address@hidden>
> Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 08:28:59 -0500
> Yes, the time displayed in the modeline is off by one hour. It still
> reflects the time before the change to Daylight Savings Time.
> > If the time is off by one hour, do you see the correct time in the
> > lower-right corner of the task bar (in the system tray)?
> All other clocks (including the clock that my shell prompt displays)
> are correct. I launch emacs from the tcsh shell as well, so if it's
> getting the time from there then it should be correct.

What happens if you run Emacs from a Command Prompt window, or from
Start->Run dialog, or by double-clicking on a desktop icon or on
runemacs.exe in Windows Explorer?  That is, what happens if you run it
from outside tcsh?

> I compiled using the latest version of MinGW on 5 March 07
> GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600) of 2007-03-05 on HY56D61

What version of MinGW runtime do you have installed (look in the
header file _mingw.h in your MinGW include directory)?

Not that I think the MinGW runtime has anything to do with this, but

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