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Re: Getting dired to list directories first in MSDOS

From: Davin Pearson
Subject: Re: Getting dired to list directories first in MSDOS
Date: 26 Mar 2007 03:44:14 -0700
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On Mar 26, 8:45 am, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:
> > From: "Davin Pearson" <address@hidden>
> > Date: 25 Mar 2007 01:05:45 -0700
> > In GNU Emacs 20.5 (i386-pc-msdosdjgpp)
> >  of Sun Mar 19 2000 on pc
> > configured using `configure -'
> > Please describe exactly what actions triggered the bug
> > and the precise symptoms of the bug:
> > The following Lisp code puts directories first in NT-Emacs,
> > where (insert (emacs-version)) equals:
> > GNU Emacs 21.3.1 (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600) of 2004-03-11 on NYAUMO
> > My question is this: how do you get it to do the same thing under
> > MSDOS Emacs?
> > (progn
> >   ;;;
> >   ;;; COOL!!!!!!!!!!!
> >   ;;;
> >   (setq ls-lisp-ignore-case t)
> >   (setq ls-lisp-dirs-first t)
> >   (safe-require 'ls-lisp)
> >   )
> The answer is: the same as in NTEmacs, but you need to build Emacs
> v21.x or later for MSDOS, since these ls-lisp options were not
> available in Emacs 20.5 (which is what you have for MSDOS, see above).

Thank you for your help.  Where can I get myself a copy of
V21.x or later compiled for MSDOS (i.e. DJGPP).  It does not
appear in the following folder:

I would rather not have to compile emacs from the sources if possible,
as that would entail installing DJGPP not to mention the hassles in
getting the C compiler to work.

> > How do you get pasting to work between Emacs and Mozilla and vice
> > versa? (Note that I am using a DOS console.  Cutting and pasting
> > using NT Emacs works just fine.
> On what version of Windows do you run the MSDOS build?  You cannot use
> the Windows clipboard from the MSDOS Emacs on Windows NT, W2K, and XP
> (and the rest of the NT family): the API that lets DOS programs access
> the Windows clipboard is not available on those Windows versions.
> Complain to Bill Gates.

I am running Windows XP so that explains why it doesn't work.

> On Windows 9x, the Windows clipboard _is_ supported, and should work
> as it does in the NTEmacs build: any C-w and M-w puts text into the
> clipboard, and C-y/M-y examine the clipboard before the kill ring.
> > How do you get Dos Emacs to load the file $HOME/.emacs
> > a.k.a ~/.emacs ?
> You need to call the file _emacs, not .emacs.  (This is in the manual,
> btw.)  The reason is that DOS doesn't allow file names that begin with
> a dot.

Thank you for your knowledgable advice.  I am running a web design
course for high schools so this kind of help will benefit me immensely
in knowing how to use Gnu free software.

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