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Re: special buffer frames again

From: Tyler Smith
Subject: Re: special buffer frames again
Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 18:11:03 GMT
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On 2007-05-01, Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> wrote:

> And more to the point, he specifically wants frames to be iconified
> rather than deleted, so this issue of deletion/iconification is 100%
> orthogonal.

If 'he' refers to me, then no, iconification is the one thing I don't
want to happen.

> But yes, most other users of Emacs use few frames.  And I tend to believe
> that they're more efficient for it, because unless you use a window-manager
> that can be controlled efficiently from the keyboard (which basically
> implies a tiled window-manager), managing frames is inefficient.

My window manager is Fluxbox, which allows for relatively efficient
bouncing between frames, as well as between desktops. The one thing I
can't do easily is recall an iconified frame. 

My typical work session on emacs lately involves an R buffer, a few R
scripts, multiple .tex buffers, various log/message buffers associated
with ESS and TeX, a shell buffer... This is usually displayed with one or
two windows, as I transfer info between buffers, particularly between
R and its scripts. iswitchb makes for relatively easy management of
all the various buffers, but having a help or completion buffer split
my screen is still annoying, and it would be much preferable to dump
these temporary buffers into a temporary frame, as long as I can then
control the behaviour of that frame. 

If you have any other suggestions that'd be great!



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