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Frames without multiple windows on X

From: Giacomo Graziosi
Subject: Frames without multiple windows on X
Date: 2 May 2007 05:01:27 -0700
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Hi all,
I just started to use Emacs as C/C++ environment. I come from Eclipse
so I'm used to work with multiple layouts: I plan to to use Gud with
multiple windows on the first layout (
) and ECB+files being edited on the second layout ( ). It seems
that there are two ways to get this: ElScreen ( ), and Emacs
frames. Unfortunately I have problems with both of them: ElScreen
shows some really bad behaviours (having gdb output in ECB windows is
not really comfortable) and each Emacs frame needs an X window that is
a thing that I _really_hate_from_the_bottom_of_my_heart_ :-).
Do you know any other way (avoiding emacs -nw, if possible) ?
Oh, I was almost forgetting: I'm on GNU Emacs (x86_64-pc-
linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.10.11).

Thank you.
Giacomo Graziosi.

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