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font-lock doesn't mark block comments as "multiline"

From: Chris Page
Subject: font-lock doesn't mark block comments as "multiline"
Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 05:18:11 -0700
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I'm the maintainer of Dylan mode for emacs (see my .sig). Like C++, 
Dylan has both "end of line" comments beginning with "//" and block 
comments surrounded by "/* ... */".

Although font-lock automatically applies the comment face to block 
comments when they're defined in the character syntax table, when I edit 
text within a block comment, it loses the comment face and is fontified 
as though it were not within a comment.

There are several ways I can imagine fixing this, but I'm wondering why 
font-lock doesn't automatically apply the font-lock-multiline property 
to block comments when it's applying the face to them.

Is there some other, recommended solution?

Chris Page - Dylan Programmer

 Open Source Dylan: <>
    Dylan Blogging: <>
       Dylan Stuff: <>

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