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Re: Underscore in filenames and M-x locate

From: Holger Sparr
Subject: Re: Underscore in filenames and M-x locate
Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 09:48:20 +0200
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Kevin Rodgers wrote:

> Holger Sparr wrote:
>> When using M-x locate the default pattern to use is evaluated by
>> `locate-word-at-point'. 
>> Why isn't the Underscore included in the expression of characters to
>> skip for a sensible default value?
> Uh, because underscore is not a _word_ constituent character?
> Still, locate-word-at-point could be changed to use \sw instead
> of [-a-zA-Z0-9.]

Neither is [.]. 

>> Possibly the expression could be customized by the user or the active
>> region could be passed as the search-string.
> You could try:
> (require 'locate)
> (defalias 'locate-word-at-point 'word-at-point)
> (autoload 'word-at-point "thingatpt")
> or:
> (require 'locate)
> (defalias 'locate-word-at-point
>         (lambda () (symbol-name symbol-at-point)))

Of course I can do that. But if "_" is a proper character in filenames
then why not change the default.

Thanks for your answer.



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