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Re: special buffer frames again

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: special buffer frames again
Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 10:21:55 -0400
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> FWIW, when I do want to iconify a frame, I actually use my own
> thumbnail-frame pseudo-icons, instead of iconifying to the Window task bar
> (  So the behavior
> is similar to that of other window mgrs: icons on the desktop vs in the task
> bar.  (But the "icons" are really frames, so I can stack them any way I want,
> scroll, select text, monitor process progress, and so on.) This is not very
> relevant here, however.

Note that my window-manager's "icon-manager" is just a list of window names:
no icon in sight.

> If your preference for auto-iconification is based mainly on your needing to
> position frames manually, would you agree that frame deletion is generally
> better for people who don't share that window-mgr limitation?

I wouldn't know since I don't use such a setup.  But I'd doubt it, because
even if placement is automatic, it's usually not ideal, so I'd still have
to re-place some of the windows over-and-over-again.

And actually, someone who uses such a setup recently complained on
emacs-devel about a change I made that caused the frame to be deleted rather
than iconified, so frame deletion doesn't seem good either.  IIRC this
someone was called "Drew Adams", maybe you know him ;-)

> In any case, I think the problem the OP mentioned was not accumulation of
> frames, but iconification, and the fact that the iconified frames remained
> iconified when he tried to access them again. *Completions* and *Help* were
> sitting there as icons, making it impossible to see what was in them without
> explicitly deiconifying them. Here is what he said:

Looks like a plain bug in Emacs or in the window manager, then.


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