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Re: Is there any good website for emacs newbie?

From: SimpleCode
Subject: Re: Is there any good website for emacs newbie?
Date: 3 May 2007 23:54:38 -0700
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Sebastian Tennant 写道:
> > I am a emacs newbie but I like it.
> Congratulations.  You've stumbled on the single most universally
> useful program ever written!  The learning curve can be steep at first
> (all those keystrokes!!!) but trust me you will never look back once
> you begin to make it work for you.
> Emacs' own Info manual is indispensible, and it is never far away once
> you master *Info* (type C-h i m emacs RET and you are there).
> The various help keystrokes (especially C-h m for describe-mode and
> C-h v for describe-variable) are also very useful.
> My advice would be to become very comfortable with *Info* mode and
> 'bookmarks' so you never need to forget where you read something
> again.
>  C-x r m <name> RET  to create a bookmark,
>  C-x r b <name> RET  to go to a bookmark,
>  C-x r l             to list your bookmarks
> Good luck, and don't give up.  It seems like deep magic but it's
> actually so simple it hurts.
Thank you very much for your encouraging and advice, Sebastian.
I make up my mind to learn to use emacs this time.
I don't give up and half step!

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