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Re: How old are Emacs users?

From: Gian Uberto Lauri
Subject: Re: How old are Emacs users?
Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 18:59:51 -0400

>>>>> "s" == sixdegreepub  <address@hidden> writes:

s>     I'm 15 and I began to use Emacs and Linux recently.  

Oh,  wise boy!  You did  a smart  choiche, not  only because  they are
powerful, but also because they are Free (as in Freedom).

s> I say that is unknown, because  I am not able to tell my classmates
s> what its advantage is.

First of all there are the four freedoms:

0) You are free to use them  as you wish, without limits. Those who do
   not use Free Software have their  programs bound to be used on only
   one machine at a time  (or worse) and preinstalled operative system
   are often licensed  for a specific computer (you  can't use them on
   another computer, even if the previous one is wrecked).

1) You are  free to see how  they are built, learn how  to change them
   and do the changes you need. Knowing how some programs are build is
   totally impossible to do.

2) You can distribute copies. With proprietary software this is called

3) You  can distribute your own  changes. Even if you  manage to patch
   some proprietary  software, it's unlikely you  can redistribute the
   patch (forget about the software itself)

s> Also that is because I am not familiar with Emacs.

There is always something to learn with Emacs :).

You will learn  that Emacs can work for you as  opposed to require you
to manouver it over and over again...

Start with C-x ( and C-x ).

 /\           ___
/___/\_|_|\_|__|___Gian Uberto Lauri_____
  //--\| | \|  |   Integralista GNUslamico
\/                 e coltivatore diretto di Software

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