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Re: Is there any good website for emacs newbie?

From: William Case
Subject: Re: Is there any good website for emacs newbie?
Date: Fri, 04 May 2007 16:16:32 -0400

Hi Sebastian;

It's Friday afternoon, I live in a government city (Ottawa) so all work
has stopped, and your dealing with a recent Emacs zealot.

On Fri, 2007-05-04 at 22:51 +0300, Sebastian Tennant wrote:
> Quoth William Case <address@hidden>:
> >  Lisp's mind twist into utter simplicity is only matched by the
> > simplicity of double entry bookkeeping.
> Funny, earlier in this thread I found myself saying 'it's so simple it
> hurts'.
Yea, I thought I would toss it back and see if anyone caught it.

> Don't you think we should be careful with the 'it's really simple'
> language beacuse it's definitely _not_ simple to a newcomer?
Your right.  One shouldn't confuse simplicity with easy.

> I guess the point I'm really making isn't a point at all.  I just want
> Lung to know that an understanding of the underlying simplicity is
> really, really, _really_ worth the effort.
> Sebastian
> P.S. That double-entry bookkeeping thing... How about an 'off-topic'
>      thread so that we can all impress our bank managers ;-)  Ah,
>      those were the days...

I was trying to use the metaphor to say Emacs is difficult as long as
you bring a lot of incorrect assumption to it.  Its worth sticking at it
until the day of "epiphany" when you finally get it (the actual
simplicity of the thing with no assumptions needed).  At least that was
how it worked for me with debits and credits, and Emacs.

Regards Bill

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