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Re: pdf or ps from emacs syntax highlighted source code

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: pdf or ps from emacs syntax highlighted source code
Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 10:46:12 +0200

Am 05.05.2007 um 03:33 schrieb Alexey Pustyntsev:

Would you please briefly explain to me (or post a decent link where
it's been clarified) why printing the non-latin characters is said to
be impossible in Emacs without htmlizing the buffer?

Citing myself from six weeks ago:

The problem with PostScript is that it usually only supports 8 bit encodings. So you can't print Unicode. You can try to find a CID keyed PostScript font and with some effort you can print CJK. No such font is available for free or public domain. TrueType and OpenType fonts have better Unicode support. Modern PostScript can use such TrueType fonts, which are quite often free and acceptable quality. But I have no idea how to create a mapping from an UTF-8 encoded text to a Unicode encoded font in PostScript.

Another problem is that GNU Emacs' PS print facility does not support non-Latin scripts. It actually only supports ISO 8859-1 and it reports that characters outside this encoding exist in the region or buffer you want to print.



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