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Re: how to change buffer like in visual studio, ultraedit etc (like Alt-

From: anders
Subject: Re: how to change buffer like in visual studio, ultraedit etc (like Alt-Tab in windows but for buffers)?
Date: 6 May 2007 09:06:25 -0700
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I have UltraEdit to att Work but moved to Emacs, so same question was
mine i time ago.

For cyckling as Ultra Edit (C is shortcut for Ctrl ..)
C - x   C + <Cursor Right>
C -x   C + <Cursor Left>
(C-x is for tell Emacs this is a extended command)

Other buffercommand that is god
Select named C-x b
List All    C-x C-b

Move between windows (som commands splits windows) is   C-x o (Letter
O for Other Windows)
To Close all Windows exept current press    C-x 1  (Think Just 1

As anyting in Emacs that you don't like you can changes, but i have
not done this
ex. you can changes copy/paste to work with Ctrl-C etc, but i use
diffrent unix, Linux, and OS/x
and if you redefine stuff is just mess upp this woking with other


On 6 Maj, 08:53, mopi <address@hidden> wrote:
> I have tried some of the buffer switchers out there and while some
> have neat stuff like regexp switching I just want it to work like in
> visual studio or ultraedit.
> I.e. keeping Ctrl pressed while pressing Tab repeatedly cycles between
> the open buffers (preferably in order of last usage). C-S-tab cycles
> the reverse order. Pressing C-tab only one time switches to the last
> viewed buffer.
> I have tried swbuff-y but pressing C-tab only once just brings up the
> buffer-switcher and don't switch to last viewed buffer. Also, when I
> cycle to a another buffer name in the list I need to press RET to
> actually switch to it. The preferred way would be to switch to the
> currently highlighted buffer when I release the Ctrl key. Like Alt-Tab
> works in windows.
> Thanks in advance.

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