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Re: When NOT filling in text mode...

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: Re: When NOT filling in text mode...
Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 21:21:59 -0500
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Amy Templeton wrote:
Hey all,

So a pretty random question...occasionally I have the need to edit
text files in which lines are NOT filled automatically.
Specifically, I occasionally need to edit web forms (using either
the MozEx extension, allowing me to outsource text boxes from
Iceweasel to emacsclient, or else w3m's text box editor mode), and
if the lines are filled so that they look nice in my emacs (just
under 70 characters/line), they look very silly when they show up
on the internet. Anyway, is there a way to edit these in which I
could move within a wrapped, very long line with C-n and C-p as
though it were actually several shorter lines? If so, that would be
quite useful and I'd be much obliged if someone could tell me about


I normally use text mode without filled lines and I navigate with C-s and C-r. Once you get used to this, you will find that it takes less time and fewer keystrokes than if Emacs had the functionality you are looking for. The only thing that is hard to get used to is setting point exactly where you want it by breaking out of the incremental search with a cursor movement keychord (C-f or C-b normally). For example, I use C-s x y (last letter of word, space, first letter of next word)then C-b to position cursor at the beginning of word starting with y. If by chance this same string occurs before the instance you wish to move to, then just press C-s again.


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